Top 4 Challenges in Retainage Management for 2023

ARTICLE -- Managing retainage with manual processes can be challenging and time-consuming for construction companies, especially those with multiple projects. 50+% struggle and nearly a third reported that it takes 2-3 days to reconcile retainage amounts.

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Integration of Financial and Operational Data in Construction Projects

ARTICLE -- Cloud-based integration of financial and operational data is a game-changer for construction. Construction companies can make better-informed decisions, reduce costs, mitigate risks, enhance collaboration, and scale their businesses.

How Automation Solves the Challenge of Late Supplier Invoices in Construction

ARTICLE -- Late invoices can cause significant problems, leading to payment delays and reduced cash flow. Over 50% of construction companies experience difficulties collecting invoicing from suppliers on time, with an average delay of 30 days.

How Automation Improves Contract Administration

ARTICLE -- Construction management solutions take the complexity out of contract administration, resulting in less profit erosion, fewer manual tasks, and stronger relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

How to Keep Construction Projects on Track with Gantt for NetSuite

ARTICLE -- One way that construction companies can better manage project tasks and resources, no matter the project size, is with a Gantt chart form built inside Oracle NetSuite ERP, the world’s #1 cloud ERP.

7 Signs that it’s Time to Deploy Construction Management Software

ARTICLE -- More builders are deploying automated construction management solutions that seamlessly integrate with their NetSuite ERP. Wondering if an automated construction management solution is right for your company?

A Modern Checklist for Evaluating Construction Management Software for NetSuite

ARTICLE -- More and more residential, commercial and industrial builders are deploying automated construction management solutions. Here are eight things to look for in an automated construction management solution for NetSuite