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Construction Management: Supply Chain and Inventory Challenges in 2024

ARTICLE -- Effective supply chain and inventory management are crucial in the rapidly growing construction industry, projected to reach $11.9 trillion globally by 2024. The sector faces challenges such as material shortages, lack of real-time data, and inefficient resource utilization. Technology offers innovative solutions that enhance supply chain visibility, improve inventory accuracy, and more.

Building Profits Amid Rising Costs in the Construction Industry

ARTICLE -- In the construction industry, the escalating costs of labor and materials are not just a temporary inconvenience but a significant threat to financial stability and profitability. As companies juggle multiple projects, the lack of visibility into the actual profit loss due to these escalations becomes a persistent issue, often leading to a margin erosion spiral that is difficult to control.

Constructing Success in 2024

ARTICLE -- Automation promises to address the construction industry's chronic inefficiencies by streamlining operations, enhancing accuracy, and providing real-time insights. Studies estimate that full-scale digitalization in nonresidential construction could lead to up to 20% cost reductions and shorten project timelines by as much as 30%.