Rethinking Retainage: The Quest for Greater Efficiency in Construction Management

ARTICLE -- Retainage, a common financial practice meant to guarantee the quality and completion of a contractor's work, is often burdened by outdated manual management techniques that pose significant challenges for construction companies and project-based organizations.
December 19, 2023/by Rich Uphus

Navigating the Automation of AIA Billing in Construction: Challenges and Solutions

ARTICLE -- The AIA Billing process provides a standardized approach to invoicing and payments for construction projects. Two key documents, G702® and G703®, are essential for maintaining clarity, transparency, and contractual adherence and should be automated in your ERP.
November 27, 2023/by Rich Uphus
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Construction Management 2023: Overcoming Material Shortages and Premature Deliveries

ARTICLE -- 93% of construction firms experienced project delays due to material shortages in 2022, with an average increase in total project costs of 20% after original timelines were exceeded.
October 17, 2023/by Rich Uphus
Construction Retention, FullClarity Management software

Construction Retention - Alleviating Disputes over Retention Releases

ARTICLE -- One key challenge that construction companies face is construction retention, disputes explicitly over retention releases. These conflicts can critically impact timelines, budgets, and profitability. 62% of firms identified retention release disputes as a significant hurdle in 2023.
September 19, 2023/by Rich Uphus
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Tackling Ever-Growing Data Challenges for Construction Management in NetSuite

ARTICLE -- 65% of construction professionals cite data management as one of the top challenges in construction management for 2023. Unlimited storage, single click to view, permission controls, document links, accessibility to NetSuite Sandbox, and easy-to-use upload features are all needed features.
August 15, 2023/by Rich Uphus
FullClarity Construction for NetSuite

Constructing Success: Unlocking Scalability, Flexibility, and Collaboration with FullClarity Construction for NetSuite

ARTICLE -- The construction industry, traditionally slow to adopt digital technology, is now on the cusp of a significant transformation. Construction companies using automation and cloud-based systems saw a 20% increase in project management efficiency.
July 18, 2023/by Rich Uphus
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