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Module Highlights

Here are just s few highlights of our software - we’ll be updating this page more as we get closer to our release date.

Schedule Management Gantt Chart

Gantt Screenshot

We’ve implemented a gantt chart into NetSuite that allows builders to easily see progress through the project schedule, and to maintain the project schedule from any device.

The timeline can be easily maintained simply by dragging and dropping tasks to adjust for time delays or overruns. Construction programs can be templated, so that a pre-determined construction program can be applied to new projects, and you can even import from Microsoft Project!

Project Profitability

Project Profitability

Keeping track of project profitability is vital to ensuring you have a successful business. With FullClarity, all stage claims, variations and costs are tracked against the claim stage, which makes it easy to determine where a project is going off track financially, allowing the construction manager to take action early.

Automated Work In Progress

Calculating WIP can be difficult and time consuming, but with FullClarity we provide a live WIP report that is broken down by the construction stage. The WIP journal aligns with a snapshot WIP report, so month and year end reporting just became a lot easier.