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Partners are Important


Partners are Important

  • Posted By John Coghlan
  • On 21st February, 2019
  • Category: Partner Updates

Partners are important. Together we’re able to do things that we could never do apart. As Full Clarity moves forward, we intend to ensure that we do it with others.

To be clear, there will be more detail on our website over the next couple of weeks, and this post isn’t intended to explain the detail of our partner plan, but it will give you some understanding of where we’re heading.

Our Sales Model

Our plan is to sell to building and construction firms through a network of FullClarity Sales Partners (FCSPs). These partners will already be Oracle NetSuite partners, As such, our job is to identify, train and equip those partners.

Our Implementation Model

We will work with FullClarity Implementation Partners (FCIPs)to do local implementation work with clients. FCIPs will be existing NetSuite Solution Partners, and will be experienced at implementing NetSuite in a range of clients and industries.

Our role will be to identify, train and equip those partners so that our clients get the most out of NetSuite and FullClarity.

So, What Does That Mean

Our model is to work with partners. Sales, implementation, sales & implementation!! Whichever way it goes, we need partners.

There is more detail to come, so stay tuned. In the mean time, why not let us know that you’d be interested in being a partner, and we would love to have a chat.